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How can Canada put women’s rights at the heart of its foreign policy?

The Canadian government is seeking input on its “feminist foreign policy.” We’ve joined with other civil society groups aiming to foster rigorous public discussion and enagement in the process, for instance by proposing core principles that would define a truly feminist approach to foreign policy.

Consensus Starting Points: Framing a Canadian Discussion on Human Rights in the Global Operations and Supply Chains of Canadian Companies

Canadian businesses, civil society, labour and government are looking for the best path forward to prevent and eliminate adverse human rights impacts in the global operations and supply chains of companies based in Canada and/or doing business in Canada. Above Ground and 34 other civil society groups have proposed a series of consensus starting points as a basis for further dialogue.

Submission to UN working group on business and human rights

Above Ground and other members of the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability provided the UN working group on business and human rights with input during its 2017 country visit to Canada. This submission provides the working group with complementary and updated information in anticipation of the release of its Canada visit report.