Our Focus

Through research, analysis, collaboration and outreach, Above Ground works to ensure that companies based in Canada or supported by the Canadian state respect human rights and the environment wherever they operate.

Here are two of the primary themes we focus on:

Government backing of transnational business

The Canadian government provides substantial political and financial support to multinationals — loans, equity financing, insurance, political backing and public relations support — through institutions such as its embassies, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, Export Development Canada and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board.  We encourage the government to adopt policy and legal measures to ensure that it only supports companies that respect human rights in their operations around the globe.

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“When a Government, directly or through its export credit agency, fails to exercise due diligence to protect human rights from the potentially harmful behaviour of non-State actors, it is in breach of its obligations under international human rights law.”

– Cephas Lumina, former UN independent expert on foreign debt and human rights

Access to justice

We work to improve access to justice in Canada for people harmed by companies based in Canada or supported by the Canadian government. In many cases, the victims of corporate abuse lack access to impartial domestic courts or other avenues to seek remedy. We advocate for measures to reduce the barriers faced by foreign plaintiffs in bringing claims of corporate abuse before Canadian courts. We also encourage the Canadian government to establish and strengthen non-judicial mechanisms to ensure access to justice for victims of abuse and deter harmful practices in the future.

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