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Who’s watching EDC? Letter to The Globe & Mail

Re: “Questions Mount Over Bombardier’s Deals With Notorious Gupta Family” (March 6)

Hats off to The Globe and Mail for its reporting on Bombardier’s dealings in South Africa. Without it, Canadians may never have learned of allegations of corruption surrounding two South African contracts landed by the firm.

One of the deals was backed by our export credit agency, Export Development Canada, which has loaned out billions in support of Bombardier in recent years.

It’s time our government took a critical look at the criteria EDC uses to screen potential clients, and the steps it takes, if any, when a client is found to have engaged in wrongdoing.

The Export Development Act is up for review this year. Parliament should use the opportunity to examine necessary reforms to prevent EDC from supporting business associated with high risk of corruption, human rights abuse or other misdeeds.

Karyn Keenan, Director, Above Ground, Ottawa