12 January 2021

To date, eight claims containing allegations of environmental or human rights abuse related to the overseas operations of Canadian extractive companies have been filed in Canadian courts. These are:

Recherches Internationales Quebec v. Cambior Inc.
Ramírez v. Copper Mesa Mining Corporation
Association canadienne contre l’impunité (ACCI) v. Anvil Mining Ltd.
Choc v. Hudbay, Chub v. Hudbay and Caal v. Hudbay
García v. Tahoe Resources Inc.
Araya v. Nevsun Resources Ltd.

In addition, the Canadian subsidiary of a U.S. extractive company faced an action filed in Canada by Ecuadorian plaintiffs seeking to enforce an Ecuadorian judgment against the U.S. parent company.

This document provides an overview of each of these lawsuits, their implications, and the challenges inherent in transnational litigation of this nature.

First published February 17, 2016; updated January 12, 2021

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