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Above Ground urges respect for Shuar nation and NGO Acción Ecológica

In this letter, Above Ground urges the Ecuadorian government to respect the rights of the Shuar indigenous nation, which opposes mining activity linked to Canadian-registered companies in its territory. We also express our solidarity with NGO Acción Ecológica, a long-time ally of the Shuar people.

Another indigenous leader killed in Honduras

Above Ground has joined fifty Canadian organizations in calling on the Canadian government to put pressure on Honduran authorities and review Canadian foreign policy, after another member of Berta Cáceres’ organization was murdered in Honduras this week.

Major protest in Peru involving Canadian oil company

Canadian company Pacific Exploration & Production was recently granted a concession to oil block 192 in the Peruvian Amazon. Residents in the region of Loreto have since staged a series of protests including a two-day regional strike. While many in Loreto, including the regional government, are angry that the state oil company was excluded from the concession, indigenous people affected by the oil block raise other concerns.

Yudja indigenous people request consultation on Belo Sun

Canadian company Belo Sun wants to mine for gold in the Brazilian Amazon, next to the massive Belo Monte dam, which is currently under construction. The mine would affect several indigenous nations, including those who live in voluntary isolation. While the Brazilian Public Prosecutor challenges the mine licensing process in court, affected indigenous people demand that they be consulted by the company.