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After Hidroituango disaster, EDC talks remedy but fails to provide it

Problems in the construction of a hydroelectric dam financed in part by Canada led to a flooding disaster in northwestern Colombia in 2018, forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands of people. Four years later, locals are still suffering the consequences, with no remedy from Canada in sight.

Letter to Minister Ng: remedy harm caused by EDC-financed dam in Colombia

Communities devastated by the Hidroituango dam in Colombia continue to seek accountability from the Canadian government, which financed the project through its export bank. In this letter, we ask the trade minister to ensure that the bank makes reparations and no longer supports such damaging projects.

La represa desastrosa de EPM

La represa de Hidroituango es uno de los proyectos de infraestructura más grandes de Sudamérica, un coloso de ingeniería destinado a abastecer casi una quinta parte de la demanda energética de Colombia. Sin embargo, las numerosas fallas del proyecto han resultado catastróficas.

Eye on EDC: EPM’s disastrous dam

Warnings of corruption and social and environmental harm accompanied the Hidroituango venture from its earliest days. Yet Canada’s export credit agency helped make the project happen, with a $466-million loan to EPM, the company developing the dam.