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Civil society calls for retraction of CSR Counsellor report

In a recent report on Honduras, the Office of the Extractive Sector CSR Counsellor makes unsubstantiated accusations about Canadian civil society organizations. We join civil society colleagues in calling for the immediate retraction of the report.

Letter to the editor: Mining ombudsman needed

Letter from Karyn Keenan, published May 11 in The Hill Times

Re: “Let courts, mediators decide on mining disputes abroad: Lobby group,” (The Hill Times, April 27, p. 1). It comes as a surprise to read that the president of Canada’s mining association is unclear on what role an ombudsman could play in the oversight of extractive companies’ impacts abroad.

Reality check on Canadian government policy

The Hill Times recently published two letters from Above Ground about federal government policy on extractive companies working abroad—a topic that’s seen revived media coverage in the past two months.