Reports and case studies

Reports and case studies

“Canada is Back.” But Still Far Behind

Since 2000, Canada has maintained a National Contact Point (NCP) responsible for promoting multinational companies’ adherence to guidelines for responsible business conduct developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This report assesses the NCP’s performance to date, particularly with regard to harm prevention and access to remedy.

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FAQs: Corporate Accountability

This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about multinational companies, corporate accountability and Canada’s legal duty to protect against human rights abuse by the private sector.

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Asbestos and lead: Canada’s toxic exports

The use of asbestos and lead is strictly regulated in Canada. While Canadian regulations controlling the domestic use of asbestos and lead have existed for over forty years, Canadian companies continue to export these toxic substances overseas, to countries where few, if any, regulations exist. 

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