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Select media coverage of Above Ground and the issues we work on.

Trade Minister Jim Carr says EDC must learn from past business ‘mistakes’

The Globe and Mail, September 15, 2019

Conducta empresarial responsable: activistas acusan a Trudeau de traición

Radio Canadá Internacional, 22 de agosto de 2019

Fossil-friendly Canadian export agency cited for poor disclosure, environmental and human rights violations

The Energy Mix, July 8, 2019

The Globe & Mail, July 2, 2019

The Globe & Mail, July 1, 2019

Rules for new corporate ombud criticized for deferring to companies

The Canadian Press, June 10, 2019

How Export Development Canada overlooked red flags about South Africa’s notorious Gupta brothers

The Globe & Mail, June 10, 2019

See no evil: How Canada is bankrolling companies accused of bid-rigging, graft and human-rights violation

The Globe & Mail, June 1, 2019

New EDC human-rights policy lacks power, say workers and watchdog

The Canadian Press, May 1, 2019

SNC-Lavalin insider’s bribery allegations spark probe by Crown agency that loaned the firm billions

CBC News, April 3, 2019

Canada’s environment department didn’t think the Trans Mountain purchase was a fossil fuel subsidy

National Observer, April 2, 2019

SNC-Lavalin received billions in support from federal export agency

The Globe & Mail, February 15, 2019

‘It’s like pulling teeth’: Catherine McKenna accused of stalling on fossil fuel subsidies

National Observer, February 14, 2019

Export Development Canada spends 12 times more for fossil fuels than clean tech, report says

The Canadian Press, November 22, 2018

  Hear interview with Karen Hamilton, program officer at Above Ground, on CKUT’s daily news program “Off The Hour” with Ali Sirois (November 16, 2018)

Ottawa orders Export Development Canada to examine lending practices

The Globe & Mail, September 26, 2018

Environment Canada urged to release its probe of fossil fuel subsidies

National Observer, June 19, 2018

South African probe urges suspension of controversial US$1.2-billion Bombardier locomotive deal

The Globe & Mail, May 22, 2018

Export Development Canada playing loose with loan risks: Auditor-General report

EDC lacks effective screening for corruption, report says

The Globe & Mail, April 16, 2018

The Globe & Mail, March 9, 2018

Canada’s export bank needs an overhaul following private jet corruption scandal

Vice News, March 8, 2018

The Globe & Mail, March 7, 2018

Canada lent a family $41 million to buy a luxury jet. Now the jet is missing.

The Washington Post, March 2, 2018

Hear related interview with Karyn Keenan, director of Above Ground, on CBC’s “As it Happens” (at 51:33)

South Africa’s Guptas hid Bombardier jet, EDC says in court repossession efforts

The Globe & Mail, February 19, 2018

Ottawa lent $1 billion to a mining company that allegedly avoided nearly $700 million in Canadian taxes

Toronto Star, February 5, 2018

New ombudsperson to investigate behaviour of Canadian companies abroad

Radio Canada International, January 17, 2018

Hear related interview with Karyn Keenan, director of Above Ground

After years of pressure, Trudeau government to introduce new human rights watchdog

National Observer, January 16, 2018

Watch related interview with Karyn Keenan, director of Above Ground

Inside one of Canada’s most secretive agencies

Walrus Magazine, December 19, 2017

Federally Backed Mine Accused of Human Rights Abuses

The Tyee, December 12, 2017

Feds to create watchdog to oversee Canadian mining, gas firms’ activities abroad

Reuters, December 12, 2017

Raids, incarceration and decimated Indigenous land stains Canada’s reputation in Guatemala

National Observer, December 7, 2017

‘New era’: Canadian mining industry closely watching three civil cases alleging human rights abuses

National Post, November 27, 2017

Binnie says judges should lead by crafting new remedies for corporate abuses abroad

The Lawyer’s Daily, October 2, 2017

Bringing justice home: NGOs and miners still at odds

ipolitics, September 30, 2017

EDC’s backing of Bombardier jet sale calls secrecy policies into question

The Globe & Mail, August 4, 2017

Canada and the Looting of ‘Africa’s Last Colony’

The Tyee, June 22, 2017

Canada’s human rights plans fraught with peril: experts and activists

The Globe & Mail, June 8, 2017

Not-so-innocent abroad

Listed Magazine, March 2, 2017

Canada’s mining ombudsman: oversight at last but is it too little too late?, January 23, 2017

Export-Import Bank gave $8.5bn to Mexico oil firm despite deadly accidents

The Guardian, December 28, 2016

NGOs call for independent ombudsman to oversee Canadian mining activities abroad

Radio Canada International, November 21, 2016

Canada’s Watchdog on Overseas Corporate Abuse Sleeping and Toothless, Says Report

The Tyee, November 15, 2016

Violence at Canadian-owned mines turns up heat on Trudeau to create new standards

National Observer, October 31, 2016

Canadian petroleum giant accused of environmental, human rights abuses in Colombia

National Observer, July 12, 2016

Canada lent billions to oil, gas and mining companies. Then it made a profit.

National Observer, June 16, 2016

Between rock and responsibility

OpenCanada, June 3, 2016