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Donations needed to help villagers near Canadian mine

Preliminary tests of the water indicate dangerously high levels of arsenic

Villagers in Brazil are seeking donations to help them test the safety of their water. They live near a massive open-pit gold mine operated by a Canadian company, and they fear that their water supply may be contaminated by toxic waste produced at the mine.

They use this water for drinking, cooking, bathing, irrigating their crops, and caring for their livestock. And preliminary water tests suggest they have good reason to be concerned about the water quality: the results indicate dangerously high levels of arsenic, a toxic heavy metal.

The residents are calling for more comprehensive tests to assess the water’s safety. These tests involve sampling water from multiple locations and measuring a larger range of contaminants. The villagers want the tests carried out by independent experts.

Above Ground recently arranged for an international team of scientists to travel to Brazil, pro bono, and collect the samples needed for a robust study. They require $8,000 USD to process the samples in a university lab.

We’re seeking donations to help pay these lab fees. 

Once the tests are complete, the full results will be published. This will provide the villagers with a vital tool to advocate for safer water in their communities.

Please visit our campaign page to donate.

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