Advisory Group


Denis Tougas

Denis Tougas chairs the Above Ground advisory group. In 2015, Denis retired from L’Entraide Missionnaire after leading its African projects for twenty-five years. Denis is the former coordinator of the Roundtable on the Great Lakes Region, which advocates for greater engagement by the Canadian government on issues such as human rights, corporate accountability, peace and security, aid and women’s rights in Burundi, the DRC and Rwanda. Denis supports the Groupe de Travail sur les Activités Minières en Afrique (GRAMA) at the Université du Québec à Montréal.


Penelope Simons

Penelope Simons is an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. For over a decade Penelope has developed research on corporate human rights accountability. Her current research is focused on the human rights implications of domestic and extraterritorial corporate activity, state responsibility for corporate complicity in human rights violations, and the intersections between transnational corporate activity, human rights and international economic law.

Matt Eisenbrandt

Matt Eisenbrandt

Matt Eisenbrandt is the Director of Transnational Investigations for Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman LLP, with a focus on the law firm’s cases against Canadian companies for alleged human rights abuses in their overseas operations. Matt previously served as Legal Director for the Canadian Centre for International Justice and the U.S.-based Center for Justice & Accountability, overseeing those organizations’ cases on behalf of survivors seeking justice for torture and war crimes. He is the author of Assassination of a Saint, an award-winning book about the murder of Archbishop Oscar Romero in El Salvador.