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Transnational Lawsuits in Canada against Extractive Companies

15 October 2020

Eight claims containing allegations of environmental or human rights abuse related to the overseas operations of Canadian extractive companies have been filed in Canadian courts. This document provides a summary of these eight lawsuits, their implications, and the challenges presented by transnational lawsuits of this nature.

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Reports and Case Studies

Submission to Parliament highlights EDC’s role in oil and gas bailout

22 July 2020

Our brief to the parliamentary committees studying Ottawa’s COVID-19 economic response highlights the role of Canada’s export bank in bailing out fossil fuel producers, and makes recommendations to align the government’s response with its climate commitments.

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Letters and Submissions

Canadian organizations urge Colombian authorities to protect Hidroituango opponents

15 July 2020

Canadian organizations are calling for full protection measures for human rights defenders who face grave security risks after speaking out against a hydroelectric project financed in part by the Canadian government.

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Letters and Submissions

Letter to Minister Ng: remedy harm caused by EDC-financed dam in Colombia

22 June 2020

Communities devastated by the Hidroituango dam in Colombia continue to seek accountability from the Canadian government, which financed the project through its export bank. In this letter, we ask the trade minister to ensure that the bank makes reparations and no longer supports such damaging projects.

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Letters and Submissions

Expert report: proposed gold mine in Brazilian Amazon presents unacceptable risk

17 June 2020

An expert study reveals an unacceptable degree of risk that the tailings dam at Belo Sun’s proposed mine in the Brazilian Amazon will fail, contaminating the Xingu River and harming nearby indigenous and other communities.

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