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Crown corporation EDC is undermining Canada’s climate commitments. Will Ottawa step in and take action?

13 January 2021

Last month over 50 civil society organizations joined us in calling for Ottawa to cut off Export Development Canada’s enormous flow of public financial support to an industry fuelling the climate crisis.

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Who received tens of billions in federal bailout funds? Without transparency reforms, we may never know.

17 December 2020

Critics warn of an “enormous transparency gap” surrounding tens of billions of dollars in emergency aid given to businesses during the pandemic. To close that gap, legislation that hinders full public disclosure should be amended.

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Above Ground and Brazilian allies seek details about Kinross plan to compensate locals impacted by mine

16 December 2020

Over a decade after a mine expansion by Kinross Gold displaced traditional communities in Brazil, the firm, a frequent client of Export Development Canada, has issued a proposal to affected communities. Above Ground and its Brazilian partners have written to Brazilian authorities to obtain further details.

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How can Canada put women’s rights at the heart of its foreign policy?

24 November 2020

The Canadian government is seeking input on its “feminist foreign policy.” We’ve joined with other civil society groups aiming to foster rigorous public discussion and enagement in the process, for instance by proposing core principles that would define a truly feminist approach to foreign policy.

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Transnational Lawsuits in Canada against Extractive Companies

15 October 2020

Eight claims containing allegations of environmental or human rights abuse related to the overseas operations of Canadian extractive companies have been filed in Canadian courts. This document provides a summary of these eight lawsuits, their implications, and the challenges presented by transnational lawsuits of this nature.

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