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New report discredits Kinross Gold’s denial of health risks from arsenic near Brazilian mine

14 May 2019

An expert report commissioned by Above Ground confirms that locals near the Morro do Ouro mine are exposed to dangerous concentrations of environmental arsenic.

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Canadian government reneges on promise to create independent corporate human rights watchdog

8 April 2019

Press release from the CNCA: Fifteen months ago, the government announced it would create an independent office with the power to investigate abuses by Canadian companies operating abroad. Instead, it unveiled today a powerless advisory post, little different from what has already existed for years.

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Press Releases

With new limits on coal but none on oil and gas, EDC’s climate policy misses the mark

12 February 2019

Last month Export Development Canada released its climate change policy. The policy does not commit the agency to reduce the billions of dollars of support it provides the oil and gas sector each year.

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Opinion Pieces

The Role of Home States in Resource Extraction and Racial Discrimination 

7 February 2019

In this submission to the UN special rapporteur on racial discrimination, we call attention to the role that multinational companies’ home states can play in facilitating extractive projects that harm ethnic minorities.

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Letters & Submissions

Bringing Accountability and Transparency to Export Development Canada’s Practices

12 November 2018

Canada’s Export Development Act is under review. In this submission to the government, Above Ground and civil society groups from across Canada call for legal reforms to bolster the accountability and transparency of Export Development Canada.

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