Letters & Submissions

Letters & Submissions

Strengthening Environmental and Human Rights Protection at Export Development Canada

Canada's export credit agency is reviewing its environmental and social risk management policies. Given the agency's repeated support for companies facing credible allegations of human rights abuse, environmental damage or other serious harms, such a review is long overdue. In this submission to Export Development Canada (EDC), we call for major reforms to EDC's due diligence processes and its public reporting.

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Bringing Export Development Canada’s Climate Change Policy in Line with Canada’s Commitments

Even as it claims to be working to “tackle climate change,” Canada's export credit agency continues to provide roughly 10 billion dollars in support to fossil fuel companies each year.  In this submission to Export Development Canada (EDC), we examine key weaknesses of the agency's climate change policy and make recommendations to bring it in line with Canada's international commitments.

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EDC must act to address misconduct by client Vedanta

In May Indian police shot and killed 13 people who were protesting pollution from a copper smelter owned by Vedanta Ltd, a client of Export Development Canada (EDC). In this letter, we seek answers from EDC's President and Chief Executive Officer regarding the actions taken by the public agency to respond to the shootings and the harms caused by its client's operations.

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Response to Kinross and EDC regarding our report “Swept Aside”

With this submission to the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, Above Ground and Justiça Global welcome the opportunity to address points raised by Kinross Gold and Export Development Canada in response to our report "Swept Aside: An Investigation into Human Rights Abuse at Kinross Gold's Morro do Ouro Mine."

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Submission to UN working group on business and human rights

Above Ground and other members of the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability provided the UN working group on business and human rights with input during its 2017 country visit to Canada. This submission provides the working group with complementary and updated information in anticipation of the release of its Canada visit report.