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Auditor general finds stunning deficiencies in risk management at Canada’s export bank

4 May 2018

Above Ground has long questioned Export Development Canada’s assessment of environmental and human rights risks posed by its clients’ operations. Now the auditor general is warning there are “significant deficiencies” in the agency’s overall management of risk.

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Report calls for overhaul of anti-corruption screening at Export Development Canada

16 April 2018

Legal and policy reforms are needed to bolster anti-corruption mechanisms at Export Development Canada (EDC), according to a report released today by Above Ground. The publication identifies key weaknesses in EDC’s anti-corruption screening procedures and names several EDC clients investigated and/or charged with corrupt practices.

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Press Releases

Response to Kinross and EDC regarding our report “Swept Aside”

27 March 2018

With this submission, Above Ground and Justiça Global welcome the opportunity to address points raised by Kinross Gold and Export Development Canada in response to our report “Swept Aside: An Investigation into Human Rights Abuse at Kinross Gold’s Morro do Ouro Mine.”

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Letters & Submissions

Bombardier-Gupta affair provokes timely debate on accountability of EDC

26 March 2018

Ongoing media coverage regarding the sale of a Bombardier jet to the Gupta family has triggered an important public debate about the accountability and transparency of Export Development Canada. With Parliament set to review EDC’s governing legislation this year, the timing for such a discussion could not be better.

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Canadian government includes EDC support in its review of fossil fuel subsidies

19 March 2018

Last fall we wrote to Canada’s environment minister urging that the government include in its review of fossil fuel subsidies the billions in support it provides to oil and gas companies each year through Export Development Canada (EDC). We have now received confirmation that “EDC has been included as a part of this review.”

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