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Public financing of oil & gas mustn’t be overlooked in fossil fuel subsidies review

16 November 2017

In this letter, we urge Canada’s environment minister to ensure that financing provided to oil and gas companies by Export Development Canada (EDC) is included in the government’s review of non-tax fossil fuel subsidies.

As the government works towards its stated goal of fighting climate change, the billions of dollars in support EDC provides to the oil and gas sector every year must not be left out of the equation.

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Is EDC ready to run Canada’s new Development Finance Institute?

9 November 2017

Earlier this year, Export Development Canada (EDC) was tasked with running Canada’s new Development Finance Institute. In its new role financing private investment for the purposes of poverty alleviation and sustainable development, EDC will need to adopt robust due diligence practices to ensure the investments it supports respect human rights and the environment.

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Bringing responsibility home and engaging Canada on business and human rights

27 October 2017

Last month legislators and experts from Canada, the United States and Europe gathered in Ottawa to discuss groundbreaking developments in home state legislative initiatives aimed at protecting human rights from corporate abuse. This article provides a summary of the discussion and comments made by panelists and keynote speakers at the Bringing Responsibility Home symposium.

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Lawmakers, experts examine path forward for corporate accountability on human rights

28 September 2017

Legislators and experts from Canada, the U.S. and Europe are gathered in Ottawa today to review governments’ progress on protecting human rights within the context of transnational business.

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Embedding the corporate responsibility to respect human rights into Canadian law

27 September 2017

As the push for corporate accountability faces setbacks in the United States, could Canada hold the key for legislative progress in North America on business and human rights? In this guest post on the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre website, we discuss how Canada can emerge as a leader in this rapidly evolving field.

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