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EDC’s response to alleged abuse in Colombian oilfields highlights deficits in due diligence

14 June 2017

Our latest correspondence with Export Development Canada (EDC) about human rights violations associated with the operations of EDC clients Pacific Exploration & Production and Ecopetrol highlights our longstanding concerns about the adequacy and transparency of the agency’s due diligence practices.

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Op-ed: Don’t confuse dialogue with accountability in ombudsman debate

12 June 2017

For years, the Canadian government has spoken of its “expectation” that Canadian companies will meet the “highest ethical standards” when operating abroad. It’s time to create a mechanism capable of finding out if this expectation is in fact being met.

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UN tells Canada: time for action on business and human rights

1 June 2017

United Nations experts are urging the Canadian government to step up its efforts to prevent and remedy human rights abuse by corporations.

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Press Releases

From dialogue to accountability: A call for Canadian leadership on business and human rights

31 May 2017

In this article published on the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre blog, Above Ground director Karyn Keenan discusses key steps Canada could take to become a leader in global efforts to prevent corporate abuse and ensure access to justice.

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Submission to the Senate on the state-business nexus and the export of dual-use digital technologies

15 February 2017

In this submission to the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights, we draw attention to support provided by Export Development Canada for the sale of Internet filtering technology to the government of Bahrain, a country criticized internationally for widespread censorship and human rights abuse.

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